Principal, Mrs. G.Gamaarachchie

It is a great pleasure for me to pen a few words for the webpage of DSCC. I feel deeply honored to serve as the head of this prestigious school and I take this opportunity to express my warmest congratulation ICT unit and all those who help in launching this website.

To my mind, a school is not just about bricks, machine and concrete but about building character enriching minds that lasts a life time. It is indeed a tedious task in bringing about a drastic change in the attitudes and values in the present generation. Yet with the dedication and commitment of both my academic staff and parents we are striving hard to mold the personality of the students inculcating good qualities and abilities.

My dear daughters and sons, let us head on our way the success and have a smooth journey in facing the challenges of future.

I expect and hope the fame of the tholangamuwa Dudley Senanayake Central College spread in every sphere and wish peace prosperity be downed upon this sacred land of ours – Sri Lanka


Lieutenant colonel Mr. N.A.D.R.Hemantha


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